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Welcome to our website!  If you’ve visited us in the past, we thank you for returning to check in.  If you’re a first time visitor, we hope this will be the first of many a return trip.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ceramic Arts Studio of Madison, Wisconsin, we invite you to view the ensuing pages for a synopsis of its history.  We have an excellent article prepared by Donald-Brian Johnson.  Don’s article offers a historical summary of the Studio and includes several photos of actual production pieces and a few rare images of Studio life as it was circa 1950.   This article also serves as a preview of the definitive new book on the subject:


Ceramic Arts Studio: The Legacy of Betty Harrington


Don is co-author of the book along with Association founders, Jim Petzold and Tim Holthaus.   To take advantage of a special offer on the Ceramic Arts Studio book signed by a co-author, simply click on the following link:


special order form


Through the talents of webmaster Hank Kuhlmann, we have imbued it with the Studio’s personality and that of its principle designer, Betty Harrington.  In a sense, we've made it the site the Studio would have designed for itself had the technology been available to them in mid-twentieth century America.  So imagine yourself back in time fifty years as you page through this material.  We hope you’ll enjoy the trip and come back often to see what new memories we can create for you.


We invite you to use the links provided to submit your questions on specific pieces you might have seen or may, in fact, already own.  You may also reach Jim, Tim, Don, or Hank directly through these links if you wish to communicate with us.  We’re also available for consultation by mail, phone, and fax as listed below.


In addition, our home page provides links to related websites that we think will be of interest to CAS collectors.  Also, from our home page you can learn about other books co-authored by Donald-Brian Johnson on a variety of topics including Higgins Glass, Moss Lamps and the Chase Brass & Copper Co.  Autographed copies are available for purchase.


Happy hunting to all current and future CAS fans.  We guarantee you’ll love the Quest! 


Established in 1994 by Jim Petzold and Tim Holthaus 



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